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Re: [OT/FLAME] Horrible GNOME File Picker (Was: Open (helper application chooser) for iceweasel/icedove is too simple)

Wim De Smet wrote:
... gnome file chooser discussion snipped ...
indeed very annoying) but I don't think it's open()ing every file in
those directories. This would require an ordinate amount of processing
power not to mention disk I/O which I'm just not seeing.

it takes few minutes to open /usr/bin here (almost no load on machine), next time (I assume cache helps a lot) it takes 10-20 seconds.

    debian unstable
    pentium 2.4 GHz
    1GB RAM

  do you think I should file a bug? against what? where?

Glad I've found out about ctrl-l and ability to just start typing (thanks to all who responded) but the performance is incredibly bad (compare to bash - there is no noticeable delay between me hitting tab twice and bash asking Display all 3758 possibilities? and it's same for other directories which are not as likely to be cached).


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