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Re: Seeking CPU Recomendations

Hans du Plooy wrote:
On Tue, 2007-01-02 at 23:40 -0500, Marty wrote:
Nevetheless, I seem to recall not getting full memory bus speed specifically with the 1800+ on the KX400+, but I could be mistaken.

The only reason why you wouldn't have been able to get the full memory
bus speed is if the memory couldn't do it.  Which doesn't necessarily
mean the memory wasn't rated fast enough, but you could have had one
dimm that was ever so slightly damaged, causing it not to run reliably
(or at all) at it's rated speed, but run fine at a lower speed.

Not always, a lot of MBs (don't know about this one in specific) have problems running the CPU front side bus at a different speed than the memory (the XP 1800 has a FSB of 133MHz, 266 DDR) and unless you have on-board graphics sharing the memory bandwidth, or it's an SMP system, it doesn't really achieve much even if it does work, although you could underclock the CPU with multipliers and overclock it on the FSB so it runs at approximately the same frequency but with greater memory bandwidth.

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