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Installation Issue

I am new to Linux and am trying to install Debian Linux (Sarge) on an HP LC2000r.  This server has a NetRAID controller 3Si.  There are 3 hard disks and they are configured as RAID 5.  When I reach the point in the installation where the hard disks are discovered the process fails saying "no partitionable media were found".  Do you have some instructions on how to install this OS on the RAID level hard disks?
I have seen this message before installing Windows and I believe that this means that the appropriate RAID controller drivers are not available.  In the Windows environment I would install the drivers and proceed.  I am not sure if it is that easy in Linux.  I also can not find the appropriate drivers and I do not know how to interrupt the installation to install them.  That is if this is even the issue.
Since I am new to Linux I would really appreciate it if the explanation is in its simplest form.  That does not mean that I am computer illiterate, just new to Linux.  Please don't assume that I will understand anything but the simplest Linux commands.  However, I follow direction extremely well.
Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

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