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Re: Clon disks with dd command

Marc Shapiro wrote:
Alejandro wrote:
Paul Johnson wrote:
Is it possible to use "dd" if I have to disks with the same size but
different models like this:
Yes, it is.  As long as the disks are the same size, the rest is just
Dear Paul, just a last short question: suppose I have a hard disk A with Linux and I want to clon this disk (A) to a new hard disk B; is it possible to boot into single user from A and then execute "dd if=A of=B" ??

Or do I have to get another machine with a hard disk C with Linux and from here execute "dd if=A of=B" ???
How about booting from a live CD, and then issuing the dd command (after making sure that neither disk is mounted).
Finally: booting from a live CD and executing "dd if=A of=B"...is there any risk of lost of data or damage of the source hard disk (A) using the "dd" command ??? Because it's the firt time I need to clon an entire disk of a data base server with very critical data...I'm scared :(

Thanks again,


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