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Re: etch on intel mac mini


have you have a look to

www.mactel-linux.org/wiki/Main_Page  ?


Rob Wilco wrote:

I am trying to install and boot etch in on my intel core duo mac mini.

I upgraded the firmware, I repartitioned with Apple's Boot Camp. On boot, I now choose what to boot with rEFIt and etch was installed from the install CD.

At this point, .
* At the end of the install, I can install lilo if and only if I have exactly one linux partition (no swap, sda1 is an small EFI partition, and sda2 is Mac OS X)
 * grub won't install on sda3 at all

Basically, I want :
 * several partitions, (a small /, and a big lvm for example)
 * default OS on boot to be linux (the mini will be a remote server)
 * to keep Mac OS X is plus (no need for windows)
 * to install from the debian-installer
Also there is no need for 2D/3D for the linux.

What would you do ?
 * erase the whole disk, and install elilo?
 * use specific versions of elilo or grub?
 * something else?

Which tools would you use?
 * bootcamp? gparted? BIOS emulation? plain EFI?
 * {e,}lilo, grub, rEFIt, Apple loader, XOM?
 * debian installer or debootstrap+chroot?

Thank you, and happy christmas :)

PS: Also, I must say I am not a experiencing consistent behavior from the mini.

* When upgrading the firmware, I got a "blinking folder" on reboot instead of the official progress bar. I had the feeling of having blown up the whole chip until the second full reinstall of Mac OS X where it did rebooted on the hd. It is a bit creepy, specially when you don't really really have a clue about Mac and when you used official softs and instruction from Apple's website.

Between the two Mac OS X re-install I called Apple support, and the guy made me do weird click-during-reboot dances that I dutifully operated. There was the "hold C", the "hold left mouse" but also the "hold power on button until LED blinks". I swear I also I had to hold "Ctrl + Apple key + p + r" until the Mac had rebooted four times!. The tech said it wipe clean the memory.

 * Sometimes, on boot, the mini hangs on a blinking logo of a world map.

* During one Debian installation, I once had "No hard drive found". The d-i would offer a list of hd modules to choose from.

* Sometimes rEFIt will offer to boot on the CD but when selecting this option, the mini will hang (screen shuts down completely). The way to actually boot on the debian-installer cd is to hold C on boot.

* The mini hanged once at the point of displaying the Debian logo at the very beginning of the boot of the debian-installer.



The guy (or girl) install and boot debian on an external disk

Some parts did not happen as said for me. (I can't install grub). Some parts are outdated.

James McKenzie seems very literate, he explains clearly:), briefly:(

Specializes in booting windows, triple booting, etc


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