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Re: XCDRoast etch not working......

M-L wrote:

> I get this error message when invoking XCDRoast:-
> ** (xcdroast:7879): WARNING **: Invalid mkisofs version -unknown- found.
>         Expecting at least version 1.15a17
>         Start xcdroast with the -n option to override (not recommended!)
> It appears I have this version of mkisofs installed:-
> Architecture: i386
> Source: cdrtools
> Version: 4:2.01+01a03-5
> Is XCDRoast going to work again sometime in the future, or should I just
> remove it?
> TIA,
> Charlie
Hi Charlie,
xcdroast works for me in Etch. Here's how:
1. Make sure you have installed the wodim package
2. make a symlink from /usr/bin/readom to /usr/bin/readcd
3. You need to run xcdroast as root the first time (use the -n switch) and
save the setup configuration. Then run as a normal user and also save the
setup configuration.
4. That's it.
You can also try k3b

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