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ignore additional launches

Hello. I set up a computer in a homeless shelter, with access to the internet. It's KDE, with launchers on the desktop (I find that people with little computer experience do not like the "start" button; so, a set up reminiscent of a Windows 3.11 desktop is best, where everything is plain to see -- hence, the various launchers on the desktop.)

One problem, though, is some people feel that to press the mouse more will speed up the opening of an application (like Firefox, for example.) They'll repeatedly press the mouse, perhaps thirty times, while the program is opening. Then, they'll report to me that "the computer is not working again." I'll go and close 29 (twenty-nine) of the Firefox windows, leaving one open, and let them know "it is now fixed." It's set on the KDE standard of one click to launch a program, because many people find it difficult to click twice in succession. Opening two Firefox windows (or mahjongg, or whatever) is not a huge concern. I may change the kde cursor default to the windows cursor style, though.

Is there a way to have applications that are opening ignore subsequent requests to open?


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