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Re: ignore additional launches

On Thu, 2006-21-12 at 09:29 -0500, Mark Grieveson wrote:
> Hello.  I set up a computer in a homeless shelter, with access to the 
> internet.  It's KDE, with launchers on the desktop (I find that people 
> with little computer experience do not like the "start" button; so, a 
> set up reminiscent of a Windows 3.11 desktop is best, where everything 
> is plain to see -- hence, the various launchers on the desktop.)
> One problem, though, is some people feel that to press the mouse more 
> will speed up the opening of an application (like Firefox, for 
> example.)  They'll repeatedly press the mouse, perhaps thirty times, 
> while the program is opening.  Then, they'll report to me that "the 
> computer is not working again."  I'll go and close 29 (twenty-nine) of 
> the Firefox windows, leaving one open, and let them know "it is now 
> fixed."  It's set on the KDE standard of one click to launch a program, 
> because many people find it difficult to click twice in succession.  
> Opening two Firefox windows (or mahjongg, or whatever) is not a huge 
> concern.  I may change the kde cursor default to the windows cursor 
> style, though.
> Is there a way to have applications that are opening ignore subsequent 
> requests to open?

I don't have kde installed atm so I can't check but I thought I saw an
advanced option in the launchers properties that would only allow one
instance of the program.

I wish I had kde installed so I could look again but I don't.. :)

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