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Re: ignore additional launches

Mark Grieveson <dg135@torfree.net>:
>  Hello.  I set up a computer in a homeless shelter, with access to the 

Bravo.  :-)

>  One problem, though, is some people feel that to press the mouse more 
>  will speed up the opening of an application (like Firefox, for 
>  example.)  They'll repeatedly press the mouse, perhaps thirty times, 

I'd start with a little education.  Force them to go through a
tutorial before they're let loose, or make up a sign with instructions
and hang it on the wall beside the machine.

>  Is there a way to have applications that are opening ignore subsequent 
>  requests to open?

Sure.  Change the icon to run a wrapper shell script which checks
first to see if the binary's running.  The script would grep the
process table:


   if [ "$(/bin/ps fax | /bin/grep '/usr/bin/mozilla-firefox')" ]; then
      exit 1
      /usr/bin/mozilla-firefox &
      exit 0

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