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Re: New Debian user

On Fri, Dec 15, 2006 at 06:32:06PM +0100, Niels Rasmussen wrote:
> Hi all
> I am new to this list, works as Architectural engineer in Copenhagen 
> DenmarK.
> I have used several Linux distro's previously back in 1999, among them was:
> Red Hat, Mandrake and Suse.
> But due to my work (AutoCad) I had to install Windows (sadly enough !)
> Now I've been fooling around with Windows and are getting pretty tired of 
> it !!
> Lastly I've tried Windows Vista RC1, and man, what a bloatware !!!!
> It just like WinXP just somewhat rearranged though.
> When I've discovered that the GUI look's and feel have been knows in
> Linux for years, I've got fed up with it and longing back for the good
> old Linux days :-)
> I then discovered that the development of linux really have being
> increased since the last time I saw it :-)
> Now my decision have been made I want to install Debian !
> Using Debian should only be for desktop use (Gnome), mayby later
> supplied with some webserver stuff.
> But I have some doubts/thoughts about which flavour to use.
> I want to have a stable release installed and then "Sarge" would be
> the choice, but looking at the descriptions mayby "Etch" should be the
> lucky one, primarily because my processor is 64 bit.
> My System (Fujitsu-Siemens Scaleo H) (Vista ready BLEEH !!):
> AMD 64 3800+ X2 DUAL core, 2000 Mhz, 2 core's 2 processors
> 2 GB of RAM's
> 2x250 GB harddisc (one of them used to store music and fotos)
> ATI Radeon X700SE w/256 MB
> Samsung Syncmaster 940BF, LCD
> WLAN Router D-Link DI-524
> What release and what installation method would you recommend ??

If you look at the release notes for Etch you'll see that a testing box
shouldn't be connected directly to the internet.  If you have another
box to use as a firewall, then I would go with Etch.

Are your harddiscs PATA or SATA?  If SATA then Sarge probably (perhaps
too strong) won't work with them.

If you go with Etch, go with amd64.  Further, I would suggest that you
set up your drives with equal partitions this:
	1	64 MB	raid1	--> /boot
	2	16 GB	raid1 	--> lvm: vg-system
	3	remainder	--> lvm: vg-local

	lv-root	256 MB	--> /
	lv-usr	4 GB	--> /usr
	lv-var	4 GB	--> /var
	lv-swap	2 GB	--> consider dm-crypt	--> swap

	lv-home	16 GB?	--> /home 

This can all be setup from within the installer (a very sweet partman).

This is how I have my new Etch amd64 with dual 80GB SATA drives set up.
If you find you need the performance of striping for something you can
create a new lv-work with striping.  This is also based on having good
backups for /home since its not protected by raid1.  

The advantage of the raid1 setup for the system is that if a drive dies,
you won't be doing a reinstall (you would of course loose your /home

For cad there is quite a choice (search the packages in Etch for 'cad')
and some talk about sharing files with AutoCad.  I haven't tried any yet
since Etch and my box are so new (I still have AutoCad 11 in the box
somewhere, it ran on DOS).



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