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Re: Greetings and a minor rave!!

Anthony Campbell wrote:
On 11 Dec 2006, andy wrote:
   Andrew Sackville-West wrote:

On Mon, Dec 11, 2006 at 09:48:18PM +0000, andy wrote:

Am wondering how I go about getting mplayer and adobe acrobat? Any 

mplayer is in unstable, but I don't know about etch. You can also get
it, along with various codecs of questionable legality from
[1]www.debian-multimedia.org. I believe he's also got acroread.

Have a look at vlc. I find it does more than mplayer - in particular, it
allows you to move back and forth easily or speed up the playing.

I find that xpdf does almost everything that acrobat does and is
probably easier to use. Keyjnote is prettier but slower.

A final thought; look at wajig for managing packages; it integrates dpkg
and apt-get and works better than aptitude for me.


To Nate, Anthony, John, Andrei, & others:

Thanks for your welcomes and recommendations. I look forward to getting to know the new system. As I said I am very impressed, although a bit confused too as I learn my way around. I haven't used Gnome since RH 7.2 preferring XFce throughout my Slackware days, so I am becoming familiar with both Gnome and Debian.

In the weeks to come no doubt I will have found a number of questions to pursue, but so far the docs seem pretty comprehensive which will be a big help.

Once again - thanks all.



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