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Re: 48000Hz bitrate Audio distorted

> Not sure which part of the dmesg to copy so you can see it in full
> here: http://fab621.googlepages.com/dmesg

Hmm... looks like the ALSA driver doesn't output the relevant info.

So the way you describe your problem (48kHz sampled audio is OK, but 44.1kHz
one sounds bad) is odd.

Usually audio hardware support 48kHz sampling for sure (among other things
because it's the mandated default in w32 IIRC), and if it's a bit fancier it
may support 44.1kHz and even other sampling rates as well.

Usually this leads to problems where listening to 44.1kHz sampled audio
leads to some distortion similar to what you describe (tho I'm surprised by
your wording: it seems your distortion is much more noticeable) unless the
software is careful to do resampling properly rather than naively.

In your case the situation is reversed and I really have no clue why that
would be.  Maybe your audio card only support 48kHz sampling (it's a common
limitation), but maybe ALSA is somehow misconfigured (or something along the
way interferes) such that the software is forced to use a 44.1kHz sampling
internally, so the top-level software ends up resampling 48->44.1 while ALSA
ends up resampling 44.1->48, so when you play 44.1kHz sampled audio there's
only one step of resampling and it's bareable, whereas when you play 48kHz
sampled audio, the double resampling ends up making the distortion
sufficiently noticeable.  Doesn't sound very likely, tho.


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