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Re: Hardware: Dynex DX-M300 USB external modem works OK?

On Fri, Dec 08, 2006 at 05:07:15PM -0500, rs wrote:
>  --- On Fri 12/08, Greg Folkert wrote:
> > If you want a USB POTS Modem, get a USB Serial Port dongle, then get a
> > Fully Serial Modem. It is very tough to make an External modem with a
> > (real) Serial port a "Winmodem" and still be capable of v.92.
> By "Fully Serial Modem" you mean a modem that connects ONLY through a serial port?
> Thanks a lot for your help.

The gold standard by which other lesser modems are compared is the USR
(or for a while 3Com) Courier V.Everything external serial.

I picked one up on eBay with a warranty and power cube for $49 USD.
You can get them with various warranties for less on eBay but since
shipping is shipping...  (also the one I bought was in Canada as am I so
I didn't have to worry about customs brokerage fees).  Manuals are
available on the USR web site (just google for Courier "Command
Reference" )

New, they go here for $350.

Lesser external modems may also work depending on the quality and smarts
you want.  It has to have on-board smarts and not mention anything about
'winmodem'.  Note: the courier docs also talk about installing drivers
but they are not true drivers but an install wizzard thingy that windows
needs that linux doesn't.

Your best bet when getting any hardware is to get, in writing if need
be, assurance that if it doesn't work with your linux you can return it
for a full __refund__, not just a store credit.

Good luck.


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