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Re: 48000Hz bitrate Audio distorted

Ok look like I found my answer, need to wait for ALSA 1.0.14


Details for: C-Media CM6501	Status partially supported
( Audio chip )	( Category: Audio )
ID:	0x0d8c:0x0201
Driver:	snd-usb-audio
Linux-USB link:	http://www.alsa-project.org/
Vendor link
Comment:	Fully supported in ALSA 1.0.14. In ALSA versions 1.0.13 or
earlier, stereo 48 kHz data will be played at 96 kHz, i.e., garbled.

Based on this could assume 48kHz mono is ok, would there be a way of
forcing the audio to be read in mono rather than stereo?

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