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Re: Debian install to init 3?

On Fri, Dec 08, 2006 at 11:07:29AM -0500, Ishwar Rattan wrote:
> I just installed Debian form the binary-1 CD and Internet.
> The system used Gdm/Genome by default. How do I make not to start
> X-windowes so that I can up dist-upgrade etc. (I think that it is
> level 3)?
Hi Ishwar,

I'm always leary of having X running when updating anything that uses X.
Unless you want to get into editing your rc.d links (i.e. a one-time
thing), you could use single-user mode. 

If you get to a command prompt you can (as root) type:

	shutdown now

Note, no -h, -b, or anything else.  This takes you to single-user, no X
or anything.

If you're booting the system, its always helpful to have your boot
loader have a line that does the same as your regular linux kernel line
but adds the parameter:


You can then use this to boot directly into single-user mode (great for
when X is acting up.

Also, I have an init=/bin/sash entry as well for when many things have
gone wrong.  (I also have a serial console setup for when all !*#@*@ is
breaking loose).

Good luck with the upgrade; read the release notes first.


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