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Re: dual layered DVD's vs single layer etc....

On Sun, 2006-12-03 at 17:04 -0900, Greg Madden wrote:

> Part of this discussion concerned the cost of DL media vs single
> layer.At the time DL was about $8/disk while compared to maybe
> $1.00/disk for SL, not a good value, imho. The economics may have
> changed.

DL disks are still rather pricey compared to SL.  As my example, a few
months ago, I was able to get a spindle of 15 DL DVDs at Best Buy for
$30, making it $2 per disk.  And about a week and a half ago, my local
Big Lots had spindles of 50 SL DVDs for $12...normally $15, but they are
going out of business, so everything there has a 20% discount (24 cents
per disk)  I don't know if the price of DL media has dropped even
further lately, but it is still more sensible to stick with SL for most

Hmmm...  Time to head back to Big Lots and stock up on more blanks I

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