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Re: dual layered DVD's vs single layer etc....

On Monday 04 December 2006 10:06, Scarletdown wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-12-03 at 17:04 -0900, Greg Madden wrote:
> > Part of this discussion concerned the cost of DL media vs single
> > layer.At the time DL was about $8/disk while compared to maybe
> > $1.00/disk for SL, not a good value, imho. The economics may have
> > changed.
> DL disks are still rather pricey compared to SL.  As my example, a few
> months ago, I was able to get a spindle of 15 DL DVDs at Best Buy for
> $30, making it $2 per disk.  And about a week and a half ago, my local
> Big Lots had spindles of 50 SL DVDs for $12...normally $15, but they are
> going out of business, so everything there has a 20% discount (24 cents
> per disk)  I don't know if the price of DL media has dropped even
> further lately, but it is still more sensible to stick with SL for most
> uses.

I have blanks here ready to go, I paid $20 for three of them a year or two 
ago, I won't do that again! I just had a look online for blanks and I can get 
them on sale for $70 (50 2.4x dl). I don't think I'll go for that since I 
just don't need so many. Have to shop around for better prices on dl media 
for sure.

Maybe a .jigdo for those who want the dl disks would work?

> Hmmm...  Time to head back to Big Lots and stock up on more blanks I
> think.

Me too, I don't think I have any sl blanks left.

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