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dual layered DVD's vs single layer etc....

Dear Debian people,

This is a pretty dumb question. But I think it has a little merit. I bought myself a new Benq DVD rewriter and stuffed in my box. This one can handle dual layered DVDs as well as the single ones.

I then realised after nosing around in the computer shop that dual layered DVDs have a capacity of 8.5GB c.f. the single layered ones of 4.4GB.

What a genius this guy is I here you say.

A doubling of storage is what you would expect.

My point is that whereas the Sarge 3.1 r3 release contains 15 CDs, Etch comprises 21 CDs......

Or 3 DVDs.....  But of course these are 3 single layer 4.4 GB DVDs.

Once Etch comes out and everyones starts to work on Lenny, then maybe it could get to thirty CDs or 4 or 5 DVDs.

Once it gets to that size would dual layered DVD iso images be considered to be parked in the repositories?


Michael Fothergill

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