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Re: Illegible PDF (KDE and Sid)

On Monday 04 December 2006 04:19, Benjamí Villoslada wrote:
> Hi,
> Lately KPrinter makes illegible PDF:
> http://itaca.bitassa.cat/~benjami/tmp/kdepdfkaput.pdf
> I can print Postscipt files with Iceweasel and convert it to correct PDF
> with ps2pdf.
> PDF printer in Control Center have this order:
> -sOutputFile=%filteroutput -sPAPERSIZE=%psl %filterargs -c .setpdfwrite -f
> %filterinput
> I can create correct PDF files from Iceweasel Postcript files:
> -sOutputFile=prova.pdf -f iceweasel.ps
> Any idea?  Thanks! :)

Make sure you haven't enabled KPrinter's "Hangman" mode.

[For those that didn't get the joke, see the above PDF link, then see here: 


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