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Re: how to override printer settings from cups, xpp, ...

Why don't you just create multiple printers in CUPs using the same PPD as a
starting point? That's what I did. That way your users only have to select the
aptly named printer they wish to use in the dialog, without having to know all
the intricasies of which side to tumble and things like that.
thanks for a hint. however, we have 3 printers where this would have to be applied + additional one. then, i would have to have
	- single sided
	- double sided short edge
	- double sided long edge
for all three... it means 10 different printers... and with standard users (or, more precisely BFUs) this would bring more trouble than benefits.

i am just wondering - from windoze everything works fine. after all, cups is a unix system - so why should linux have problems using that? nobody sees the same problem?


Lubos _@_"

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