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Re: Wanted: decent GNOME player with MP4/AAC support

On 11/12/06, André Wendt <andre.wendt@web.de> wrote:
Kelly Clowers schrieb:
> Do you have Marillat's "gstreamer0.10-plugins-really-bad" package
> installed? It uses libfaad2 which is apparently the best aac decoder
> out there. If you have that, Rhythmbox and Banshee should be able
> to handle aac.

Thanks for the info. In fact, I have the package installed, but still
cannot play AAC. I just reinstalled rhythmbox, maybe I installed them in
wrong order before and something got messed up. (I don't know a lot
about music libraries and plugins.)

I'll report back if I made any progress.


I got some .m4a files and tested them in Rhythmbox and Amarok.
They worked fine, but I see there are reports of some aac files working
and others not working.

What errors do you get when trying to import the files? You say you
have aac/mp4 files; are the extensions .mp4 or .aac or both? If some
have different extensions, have you tried importing just one file at a
time to see if it fails on one type but not the other?

Also, take a look at this bug:

Maybe it's a tag problem.


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