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Re: switching from mbox to maildir in mutt, exim, etc.: how?

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On 10/28/06 16:26, Jochen Schulz wrote:
> Ron Johnson:
>> On 10/28/06 10:01, Paul E Condon wrote:
>>> But for active email correspondents, the whole collection of old
>>> emails is copied six or seven times per week. I can live with the
>>> waste of disk space, but I would like to see the time-stamp on
>>> individual messages from 'ls -l'.
>> Maildir does that...
> But one should mention that there are few automatically generated
> filenames that are as ugly (and mostly meaningless) as those of
> maildirs.

Ugly? yes.

Meaningless?  Definitely not.  For example, the first "field" in a
Maildir name is the timestamp of the message's arrival time, another
field in the node name, and another field is the file size.  I'm
sure that in an hour or so we could deduce the whole name's meaning.

Besides, How often do you poke around Maildir/cur?

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