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Re: switching from mbox to maildir in mutt, exim, etc.: how?

On Sat, Oct 28, 2006 at 02:07:46PM +0200, Jochen Schulz wrote:
> Paul E Condon:
> >
> > I'm looking at my system backups and notice that there is some clutter
> > form mbox files being updated almost daily.
> What kind of clutter? If you are doing incremental backups (in the form
> of diffs to previous versions) mbox should be alright.

I use 'cp -au --backup=numbered /home /<backup location>' to make daily
backup. With this, only new versions of files are copied to the backup
each day. I can use ls to examine the history of updates of each file
in <backup location>. 

But for active email correspondents, the whole collection of old
emails is copied six or seven times per week. I can live with the
waste of disk space, but I would like to see the time-stamp on
individual messages from 'ls -l'.

> A good comparison between both formats is here:
> <http://wiki.mutt.org/?MuttFaq/Maildir>.


> > [...] Where can I find a recent HOWTO that adresses Debian issues, if
> > it is not bad?
> What you need to do heavily depends on your mail setup. What you need to
> do in mutt is described in the link above. If you are using procmail to
> sort mails into the right mailbox, you generally only need to append
> slashes to the mailbox names. E.g:
> MAILDIR=$HOME/Maildir/
> :0
> * ^List-Id: <debian-user.lists.debian.org>
> .debian.user/
> In this case, you don't need to touch Exim's configuration at all.
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