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Re: No xterm (or equivalents) immediately accessible in default etch

John C wrote:

One of the greatest features of linux *was* that each individuals desktop was as different as that individual. The box looked, operated, and sounded the way that user wanted it too.

Now it seems that individuality is out-of-style and every useful tool/program that is not part of gnome/kde is being pushed out-of-the-way or becoming "depreciated".

I'm beginning to hate that word.


I think that both gnome and kde are simply becoming more popular. I don't think, however, that linux has lost its sense of individuality. After all, gnome and kde do not *have to be* installed and programs written using libraries such as Qt and GTK can be used without gnome or kde being installed.

I see both gtk and qt as libraries that make it easier for C/C++ programmers to develop graphical programs, but they are not the *only* libraries for this purpose. There are others I'm sure. If the program works well (regardless of which library it was developed with) then it can be used effectively to achieve a specific task.

Again, I really don't think that by having gnome and kde we loose individuality, we just gain more. Did you know that unix started without X? After X matured, we had window managers like openlook (on SunOS) and fvwm95 on linux, and X applications like xclock, etc. I see it all as a "growing process" that is healthy for linux to continue in as long as, like you say, individuality is not sacrificed.

Jose Alburquerque

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