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Re: Starting iptables

On 10/19/2006 12:39 AM, cothrige wrote:
* John Hasler (jhasler@debian.org) wrote:
The name is misleading.  Ipmasq configures both NAT and firewalling.  The
default configuration is suitable for most, but you can tweak the scripts
to do whatever you need.

However, it is not clear that you need a firewall at all.  If you have only
the one machine, just don't open any ports.

I guess I have never really thought about it that way.  I have just
assumed that I was better off for having something like a firewall in
place on any computer connected to the internet.  And I have opened no
ports intentionally, but now I am wondering just how to find out what
ports are open and how they got that way?  Any recommendations?


This site, http://www.grc.com , has a service called Shields-Up that will help you find out what, if any, ports are open on your computer.

Also, "netstat -putl" will let you find out what listening ports are open.


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