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Re: Minimal X-Windows Setup

Kevin Mark wrote:

> Hi Stephen,
> 'x-window-system-core' < 'x-window-system', so install the former.

Nope, they're exactly the same in Etch and Sid.  Assuming there are no
sarge, sarge security, or backports entries in your sources.list, try

apt-cache show x-window-system-core | egrep '^(Depend|Suggest|Recomm)'
apt-cache show x-window-system | egrep '^(Depend|Suggest|Recomm)'

to see for yourself.

Unfortunately there seems not to be an "xorg-core" meta-package.

> but it maybe the dpkg front-end that you are using that is adding
> 'suggests'. aptitude normally adds this, so you may see more things
ITYM "recommends"

> being downloaded. So checkout the aptitude options to turn this off and
> it will install less things.

best regards,

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