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Re: capturing terminal scrollback buffer?

On Fri, Sep 29, 2006 at 08:33:54PM -0700, Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
> anybody know how to capture the contents of a terminal scrollback
> buffer? i've got about 1000 lines of debug stuff from a network
> problem that I want to save, but its just sitting in the scroll back
> buffer of an aterm. argh! how do I get it out of there without
> copy/pasting it one screen at a time? 
> thanks
> A

thanks to all who responded. I have now successfully copied some 1000
lines of scroll back using the two click method (I didn't realise the
right click extended the selection in a terminal) with a cat >
output.txt type of solution. 

yes, I know about screen and its on my list of things to learn... if
only that list wasn't as long as my arm :)


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