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Re: Debian apps for CSS editing

rocky wrote:
> Hey,
> Do any of you know some Windows Dreamweaver like applications in
> Debian? I found NVU but it does not supply auto hint for CSS.

Unfortunately Nvu does not give an easy GUI for editing CSS(although
auto-hinting is not required in Nvu as it gives you textboxes, radio
buttons and checkboxes for CSS editing via CaScadeS). There has been no
release for Nvu in more than an year and the lead developer is
concentrating on developing Composer (stand alone version) based on the
Nvu code.

I edit the CSS files manually as it gives me full control. In cases
where I need a hint I open up the CSS 2.1 Quick Reference manual as a
sidebar. You can bookmark
and configure the bookmark to open as a sidebar. Another useful sidebar
is the DOM reference:


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