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Re: Odd Thing ? usb drive

Roby wrote:
Richard wrote:

hmm, I've been think about this usb drive, about wiping the filing system,
and going with ext3 for that extra security.

Q. since this is a usb drive, and if I do reformat it with ext3 filing
system, will it automatically mount when unplugging and plugging back in,
as it did before ?

Or is there some major tweaks that have to be done,
please explain.


Just a minor tweak: editing /etc/fstab's entry for the usb drive to show
ext3 instead of vfat and possibly changes in options to be applied; i.e.,
remove umask= if used.

I don't see any reason that mounting would change ... although I'm no
wizard.  You still need to be certain it's unmounted before unplugging.

I'm glad to be done with vfat here 'cuz defragging under win2k took
forever ... and sometimes crashed midstream.  Wow, just what I wanted:
o/s screwup while it fiddles with my backup drive!


If you take the lazy way out like me and use pmount, you don't even have to bother changing any fstab entries. I recently reformatted my external USB hard drive and changed the filesystem from fat32 to ext3. It works just like it did before. (This is on Etch.)

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