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Re: install kernel from testing on sarge

Vladi Lemurov <fix@stekloprom.ru> wrote:

> micha пишет:
> >
> > On 5 Sep 2006, at 06:50, Vladi Lemurov wrote:
> >
> >> Hi there!
> >> I use debian sarge and would like to install the latest kernel from 
> >> "testing" (I need it to set dvb interfaces down without getting the 
> >> server hung), but keep all other packets from
> >> "stable" distribution, so I could update them, install new and so on. 
> >> Is that possible, I mean "debian-way" (Of course, I can simply take 
> >> sources and compile the kernel myself, I am quite experienced at 
> >> that, but I switched to debian to minimize compiling packages and 
> >> would like to learn how to deal with such situation "debian-way"). 
> >> Could you point the paper where it is described?
> >> Thanks, Vladi.
> >>
> >>
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> >
> > Of course you can add the testing branche to your apt sources.list. 
> > This would give the option to install any kernel in etch. Afterwards 
> > you can delete the etch line in you branches tree so that no other 
> > packages are installed from etch.
> >
> > The only problem you should keep in mind: a newer kerner requires 
> > newer packages. Some programs that are depending on these packages too 
> > will have to be upgraded to the latest version or they won't work 
> > (correctly)...
> >
> That means I will have to recursively upgrade half (not namely :-) of 
> the packages? If so, I shall think if I really need to upgrade the 
> kernel or wait a bit till etch will be released.
> Vladi.

Not half, just a few important ones. And you don't need to worry about
pulling too many packages if you follow the instructions for running a
mixed system:


Disclaimer: do this on your own risk!

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