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Re: install kernel from testing on sarge

micha пишет:

On 5 Sep 2006, at 06:50, Vladi Lemurov wrote:

Hi there!
I use debian sarge and would like to install the latest kernel from "testing" (I need it to set dvb interfaces down without getting the server hung), but keep all other packets from "stable" distribution, so I could update them, install new and so on. Is that possible, I mean "debian-way" (Of course, I can simply take sources and compile the kernel myself, I am quite experienced at that, but I switched to debian to minimize compiling packages and would like to learn how to deal with such situation "debian-way"). Could you point the paper where it is described?
Thanks, Vladi.

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Of course you can add the testing branche to your apt sources.list. This would give the option to install any kernel in etch. Afterwards you can delete the etch line in you branches tree so that no other packages are installed from etch.

The only problem you should keep in mind: a newer kerner requires newer packages. Some programs that are depending on these packages too will have to be upgraded to the latest version or they won't work (correctly)...

That means I will have to recursively upgrade half (not namely :-) of the packages? If so, I shall think if I really need to upgrade the kernel or wait a bit till etch will be released.

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