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Re: Thunderbird does not show attachments any longer

On Monday 04 September 2006 13:33, Uwe Dippel wrote:

> What is not good, though, is the lack of information; somehow. I googled
> intensely; read all archives, lists. Nothing. Didn't think of a bug
> report. Invested > 1 hour. No solution. Wrote to the list; had some good
> hints (meaning: more people involved - kind of uselessly).
> IMHO, there must be a repository, a list, a means to get a message like
> this one out. There are and were hundreds of 'broken for me' on this
> list; if not thousands. The most obvious thing to do, is a list of some
> kind that confirms 'broken' or 'currently broken' and finally 'unbroken'.
> Would save everyone plenty of time to consult such a list !: If something
> doesn't work, consult it, find out someone (maintainer) confirms
> breakage. Done. Simply wait for the 'unbroken'. One might write a small
> application with tags; an info on status like mail in a systray; and so
> on and so forth.
> To me this list preferably came in parallel to the package update(s);
> maybe as extra file:

Other than filing bugs in BTS and using apt-listbugs, you can also put 
information about serious breakages etc., in 



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