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Problem booting RAID1/mdadm system when one disk is unplugged


I have already posted this question to gmane.linux.raid, but would really appreciate some help from a Debian perspective please...

My System has 2x120GB IDE disks with the an up-to-date Sarge install, running kernel 2.6.8-3 and configured for mirroring.

When I tested booting my system, I found:

a) A kernel panic unless both disks are plugged in.
b) One disk removes from the array each reboot.

The relevant logs are on this thread:

I was advised this was a problem with my initrd because it didn't contain a mdadm.conf file and presumably that I should

Unfortunately, some friends of mine do not agree that my initrd is the problem because they point out that I can still boot when two disks are present. What do people here think?

Thanks in advance


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