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Re: Highlighting and annotating PDFs?

martin f krafft wrote:
> also sprach George Borisov <george@dxsolutions.co.uk> [2006.08.14.1338 +0100]:
>> Just tried to print some text from Firefox to PS and then use ps2pdf.
>> The resulting file is _not_ searchable (xpdf and evince,) and at
>> 28K is more than twice the size of the same text being printed
>> through Acrobat (12K)
> This is really Firefox's fault (who would have thought???)
> Run 'strings' on the PS it generates and you'll see that it prints
> images rather than text. I am not surprised, Firefox comes to us
> from Windows. They don't know how to deal with text over there.

Bleh. :-/

Is there any way to beat it into behaving properly? Probably the
PS print
command needs changing (default is lpr + some variables?)

George Borisov

DXSolutions Ltd

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