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Re: why sarge can't power off PC

Florian Kulzer wrote:
I see. I only hopped into this thread after the post in which you asked
about the KDE power control settings and the error messages about the
incomplete ACPI installation. From that I got the impression that you
wanted to activate these laptop-specific ACPI features in KDE. I think
it is normal that the "battery" and "ac" modules have no effect on a
desktop machine.
Sorry for the confusion.
I now realize that your original question was about the shutdown/power
off function. That seems to work again since you switched from APM to
ACPI, so we are done, right?
Well, half done. The reboot hangs after the keyboard lights flash and before the BIOS screen shows... I have to power off by the button and power on again. And that doesn't always work.

Does ACPI do anything else for desktops apart from shut-down/reboot? There's a number of modules loaded. though some would be for laptops, I assume...



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