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Re: why sarge can't power off PC

On Thu, Aug 10, 2006 at 19:34:27 +0100, Wulfy wrote:
> Florian Kulzer wrote:
> >ACPI seems to be broken for you. Are there any "helpful" error messages
> >during boot? Try to run
> >
> >dmesg | grep -i acpi
> >
> >ACPI can be a real pain in the neck on some hardware. Your best bet is
> >probably to go to tuxmobil.org and see how far other people have gotten
> >with your laptop model and what tricks they had to use.
> But my system is a desktop, not a laptop... now I'm really confused...  :(

I see. I only hopped into this thread after the post in which you asked
about the KDE power control settings and the error messages about the
incomplete ACPI installation. From that I got the impression that you
wanted to activate these laptop-specific ACPI features in KDE. I think
it is normal that the "battery" and "ac" modules have no effect on a
desktop machine.

I now realize that your original question was about the shutdown/power
off function. That seems to work again since you switched from APM to
ACPI, so we are done, right?


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