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Re: Printing from Acrobat

On Thu, Jul 27, 2006 at 01:17:41PM EDT, Carl Fink wrote:
> So what the heck is going on?

Never had any problems printing .gov forms on a linux system with cups
and a native ps printer so I thought I'd give it a shot:

. gpdf never displays the document.. 100% cpu.. had to issue a kill
. gv returns and "unrecoverable error"
. converting the saved document to ps via pdf2ps gives an error message 
. in kpdf the first four pages are ok. the form itself (p. 5) is garbled
. printing from kpdf invokes kprint and works with a caveat:

  the fifth page takes much longer to print and is - as could be
  expected - garbled.

  the "garbling" is that the first two columns of the form are rendered
  as as dark grey rectangle with a bunch of large right arrow characters
  on a white background.

This is a sarge box and the pdf version of the document is 1.6 which
would appear to be higher than most .pdf's I have on this machine. 

So to me this looks like the versions of most pdf/ps utilities that I
have on this box do not support this version of PDF? 

Perhaps you could try upgrading to more recent versions of the pdf
rendering software? 

What makes me say this is that kpdf *almost* manages to display the
document.. So something a bit more recent might work.

As to your woes with cups.. I would think that you are probably feeding
it an invalid format (ps or other..)  with some garbage in the input
ending up being interpreted as control characters.. so all kinds of weird
things might happen.




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