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Re: just some thoughts

I agree with the argument about people engaged in the creative
arts. I just started using lilypond, which does put out some
very nice looking charts. It may also be the least intuitive
code I've touched in maybe five years. There is a windows tool called 
bandbox that works very well. What I don't understand is the
false dichotomy between a free OS and proprietary code that would
run on top of it. Would I buy bandbox ported to Linux? YES. Even more
important are games. My children run XP because the games run on XP. There 
are now a few games ported to linux that I'm trying to check out, but
there have to be significanly more (like a majority) before I can evict
XP from the house. 

Port games to linux and the adoption rate would skyrocket (IMHO).

Art Edwards

On Sat, Jul 22, 2006 at 01:06:45AM -0400, Chuckk Hubbard wrote:
> On 7/21/06, Kevin Mark <kevin.mark@verizon.net> wrote:
> >It costs a lot (in terms of money
> >and developement) to take any current linux software and make it 'newbie
> >fiendly' and close to the supposed ease of 'ms products'. You are free
> >to work on this and ask for help but so far the only folks doing it are
> >ubuntu and they are backed by a billionaire. If only warren buffet had
> >given few billion to Debian!
> I agree, but as far as ease of use, that does and always will matter
> to the majority of people using computers as a means to an end.  I
> installed AGNULA Linux out of curiosity, and no, none of the audio
> programs come close to the customizability and ease of use of
> something like Digital Performer.  The most brilliant artists are not
> the most brilliant systems people, as much as the brilliant systems
> people might want that to be true.  Anyone doing something creative
> with computers wants to spend as little time as possible thinking
> around the interface, and it seems, to an extent, this is something
> the proprietary teams spend far more time on than most Linux
> developers.  So be it, but until this (gradually) changes, most
> professional artists and content people will strongly prefer to spend
> a few hundred dollars extra to shave a few nanoseconds off their
> production time (e.g., a hotkey instead of a mouse click).
> One exception I've noticed already is Blender, which seems to be all
> about the interface, which its users love.  This is not the case with
> Rosegarden. :(
> I know the usual response is "Well Linux doesn't want those people."
> But I don't buy it.  Linux *has* gotten far easier to use and I have
> no doubt much of the software will continue to do so.  No, we don't
> need those people, but we'll be glad to have them as they (gradually)
> migrate over, and we'll brag about it once they're here.
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