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Re: Windows-toolbar behavior in gnome (your not going to believe this!)


Le mardi 20 juin 2006 à 11:29 -0600, edwardsa a écrit :
> I have just found the metacity.schemas file and find that a new schema
> focus_new_windows
> has two possible values: "smart" applies the user's normal focus mode, and
> "strict" results in windows started from a terminal NOT being given focus.
> Now, if I start a window from a terminal, why the hell wouldn't I want 
> it to be given focus?!

E.g. because this new window is to display something you want to see
while still typing in your terminal window. When you're doing a task
that requires you doing it repeatedly, automatically giving focus to new
windows is a total PITA. OTOH, you may want to be able to close the
window quickly by typing "q", in which case it's not giving focus that's
a PITA. Actually, easy window navigation from the keyboard is more
important than the default focusing policy.

Raise policy is also a different issue. If you create a window from the
terminal, presumably you always want to *see* it ASAP (which is not
always the case for popups, where I often prefer my taskbar to flash,
allowing me to select when I'm OK with switching from my current task to
check it).

> If I start a window I want it to be raised, given 
> focus, and even a drink if it wants it! This makes me think that 
> metacity should be renamed to perver-city.

I'm missing something here, can't you just change the
"focus_new_windows" setting?

> Should I file this as a bug? As it is, I'll using my stable boxes for 
> anything serious until this is resolved.

IMHO, you should not file more than a wishlist bug asking for the
default to be "smart" (unless I did not understand the exact problem, of

Regards, Thibaut.

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