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Re: iTunes Lib. to Ogg

On Wed, Jun 21, 2006 at 02:11:26AM -0700, CRASSlogic wrote:
> Greets all.
> I recently installed Debian on my PowerMac G4. Having
> used OS X for a long time, i've acquired a perfectly
> organized library of full CD's, no drm, in the aac
> format. 
> I've recently learned about how aac and mp3 are
> proprietary formats, and what that's all about in
> general. I've looked into and rather admire the Ogg
> Vorbis codec, and want very much to use it. My
> question is; is there a way (here in Debian, Sarge) to
> convert my iTunes library (currently 20.8GB) to Ogg
> Vorbis? I can't find a batch encoder or similar
> myself, having spent quite some time on google.
> Any information is sincerely appreciated. 
>   --Q

Both mp3 and ogg remove information from the original that they claimm 
the human ear cannot hear.  However, apparently they remove *different* 
information, and the sum of both removals is, I am told, something the 
human ear *can* hear.  

So don't do that.  Don't convert mp3 to ogg.
But acquiring new music in ogg format is fine, as long as it hasn't been 
converted from mp3 before you get it, of course,

-- hendrik

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