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Re: Windows-toolbar behavior in gnome (your not going to believe this!)

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edwardsa wrote:
> I have just found the metacity.schemas file and find that a new
> schema
> focus_new_windows
> has two possible values: "smart" applies the user's normal focus
> mode, and "strict" results in windows started from a terminal NOT
> being given focus.
> Now, if I start a window from a terminal, why the hell wouldn't I
> want it to be given focus?! If I start a window I want it to be
> raised, given focus, and even a drink if it wants it! This makes
> me think that metacity should be renamed to perver-city.
> Should I file this as a bug? As it is, I'll using my stable boxes
> for anything serious until this is resolved.

No.  The GNOME people have very definite (and unresponsive) ideas on
how a GUI should look.

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