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Re: OT: does reporting to spamcop do any good?

On Sun, Jun 18, 2006 at 11:59:56PM +0000, s. keeling wrote:
> Pascal Hakim <pasc@redellipse.net>:
> >  A fair number of people manage to report either their own
> >  ISPs or mails they've actually signed up to receive (for example,
> >  this list server has been blacklisted a few times), so you'll need to
> >  be careful as to what you report, unless you know what you're doing.
> Also agreed.  However, Spamcop does appear to be smart enough to
> recognize list mail.  It goes after the the miscreants, not their
> victims.

Spamcop is only smart enough to detect that after someone convinces
them that a server they've blacklisted is in fact relaying correctly.
How long the machine in question remains blacklisted is up to them.

If their parser can't find another machine to blame, they will go back
to picking one of the victims.

This will be acceptable to some and not to others, this probably
depends on how much you want mail to flow through, how much collateral
damage you're willing to accept, and whether you used blacklists to
block traffic or score negatively.

Interestingly, spamcop's system also appears to be entirely IP based
when it comes to identifying hosts; I can't decide whether that's a good
idea or not.



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