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Re: mutt configuration not displaying my name in mailing list threads

On 23:41 Sun 18 Jun     , Steve Kemp wrote:

.  This is because Mutt recognises that *you* sent the mail, so
>  it shows you that you sent it "To: debian-user....".
>   For the rest of us it shows up fine.
> > what do i change in my muttrc to get this right?
>   You don't need to change anything, since we're seeing it as intended.
>   (Although I admit I'm not sure if it is possible to fix this, and if
>  so how you'd do it ...)

Thank you very much Steve for your prompt and thoughtful reply.

This behavior is Interesting and Disconcerting. 

It is clearly a bug and not a feature in a single 
mail directory devoted to debian-user mailing list. 
I expect to see --- and  would like to see My Name 
on My Mail, not "To debian-user".   

I like the promise of mutt. Only read mail and do it Right. Unfortunately this is clearly Wrong.

I hope someone on the list knows the Right setting to set.

> Steve
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