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Re: mutt configuration not displaying my name in mailing list threads

Mitchell Laks wrote:

>This behavior is Interesting and Disconcerting. 

>It is clearly a bug and not a feature in a single 
>mail directory devoted to debian-user mailing list. 
>I expect to see --- and  would like to see My Name 
>on My Mail, not "To debian-user".   

Not so clearly a bug. How is mutt meant to know your mail directory is
devoted to the debian-user mailing list? There may be some heuristics
that could be applied for it to guess, but I'd rather my mail client
handle mail and not try to be an AI.

Since you know the purpose of your mail folders, you need to tell mutt
how to present them. You can use the folder_hook to change the index_format
for different folders.

Seeing "To xyz" is useful for your sent folder. It makes no sense to
see your own name there, since all the mails are from you.

>I like the promise of mutt. Only read mail and do it Right. 
>Unfortunately this is clearly Wrong.

Not so clearly, and definately configurable to work the way _you_ want.

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