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Re: How to use sudo not root

* Magnus Therning <magnus@therning.org> [2006-06-17 11:38]:
> > > Historically in UNIX the group wheel has GID 0, in Debian that's
> > > the root group.
> >
> > Do you know where the name `wheel' comes from?
> No I don't. I couldn't find anything on Google either (10 minute
> search only). One interesting peculiarity I wasn't aware of is that
> on BSDs, which have the wheel group, `su root` is only allowed for
> members of the wheel group.

That's how I've set it up as well.  I've added a system group wheel
and made sure PAM only allows su (and console logins) for members of
group wheel.  Also, SSH only allows members of group wheel to log in
remotely.  I think I got the idea from the "Securing Debian Manual".

- Felix

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