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Re: mount pendrive fstab entry ?

B.Hoffmann wrote:
B.Hoffmann wrote:

Hi all,

after some experimenting my fstab entry for mounting a pendrive now
looks like this

dev/sda        /media/usbdrive auto    rw,user,noauto  0       0

but it still doesn't work (obviously or would not post).
Before wasting more time on trying to figure out this relatively


issue I thought maybe you guys would hopefully be kind enough and give
me a quick solution just by posting what entry you got.

Ah, and it's formatted in ext2 so auto in above is probably wrong? Or
should it work with auto?

Thanks a lot once again.
(It's been a while since last posting here anyway)

What Debian distribution are you using and what kernel?


2-6-12-10-k7 on Ubuntu 5.10 here. Automount used to work but broke a
long while ago, meaning don't remember anymore when and what led up to
it. Possibly kernel upgrade.

hmm ... so you are actually using Ubuntu. Anyway, if you are using /etc/fstab to mount your usb stick, make sure your usb stick gets detected as the appropriate device. When you connect your stick to the USB port, what messages you get in /var/log/syslog? Give this command:
$> tail -n 25 -f /var/log/syslog

and then insert the usb stick and watch what you get on the terminal output and paste it here.

Second, I was under the impression that you actually wanted a plug-and-play sort of thing. That is, plug in the usb stick and it's icon is shown automatically on the desktop. Is this so? If so, then are you a member of the plugdev group? What version of udev and gnome-volume-manager do you have?


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