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Re: [UNVERIFIED SENDER] Re: can't boot win2k after re-installing sarge

Serena Cantor wrote:
> Thanks! English is my 2nd language.
No problem.

However, I would suggest that you send replies to the list, not just to
whoever responds. This way:

 * others who have more information can add to the conversation.

 * others who are looking for the same answers as you can read the
answers, both immediately and in the archives

Also, I suggest that you do not top-post (putting your reply at the top
of the email); instead, you should intersperse your replies directly
following the material to which you're replying. This is the preferred
method on this list. (Not to mention that it makes sense; it's the way
you conduct every other conversation in your life. It's just that
certain *ahem* email clients have trained people to do it the wrong way
by encouraging top-posting, so that everyone does it now. Well, everyone
but this list and a few others.)

> Of course only
> sarge is on hda3.

Okay. You might also want to break your install into at least three
partitions; one for /, one for /home, and one for swap. (I personally
prefer even more partitions; there are good security/safety reasons for
this, but for most people, one or two partitions, plus swap, are usually

> I follow your instrution and use
> fixboot only, it does not help. During boot, win2k
> complains sth. like:
> <windows 2000 root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe missing or bad
> The message is in Chinese, I translated.
> I remeber using fdisk/mbr to restore win98 boot, only
> to find it can only boot to DOS, not windows. So I do
> not use "format /mbr" or fixmbr.
When you use the "format /mbr" command from within the W2K Repair
option, it won't use the DOS version; it'll use the Windows version, so
you should be fine to run this command. However, I think the
ntoskrnl.exe file is not a "boot file", so I think a rebuild of Windows
may be in order. I vaguely remember being able to fix this sort of
problem without a rebuild, but it's a vague memory and I make be
imagining it.

I also just remembered finding a web site that addressed this sort of

It mentions using the "bootcfg /rebuild" option, which might help you
out. I recommend you read that article; it might solve your problem.


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