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Re: can't boot win2k after re-installing sarge

Serena Cantor wrote:
> I have win2k and sarge on hda3 and use grub to dual
> boot.
> Then I re-partition hda3 and re-install sarge, sarge's
> installation program find win2k, so I let grub 
> install to MBR. Later, I find I can't boot win2k,
> win2k complains some files missing.
Saying that you have "win2k and sarge on hda3", and that you
"re-partition hda3", doesn't make sense. Perhaps you mean you have Sarge
on hda3, and Win2K on another partition of hda, and that you've
repartitioned hda?

No real matter; the problem is that W2K can't boot. Probably your
easiest solution is to boot off your W2K CD and choose the Repair
option, then Console, then run "format /mbr" and/or "fixmbr" and/or
"fixboot". This should restore Windows so that it can boot (unless
Windows itself is hosed, rather than just its boot setup).

Then you'll need to reinstall grub to the MBR.


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