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Re: [UNVERIFIED SENDER] Re: can't boot win2k after re-installing sarge

Serena Cantor wrote:
> Sorry for replying so late. I'm not taking you advice.
> I decide to install win98 over win2k for other
> reasons.
Eek! Win98?! <shudder>  ;-)

> I wish I could find out the reason why grub
> fails. I study Linux+winnt howto, didn't find much
> useful info. My hard disk is quite small, 10GB only,
> so it can't afford many partitions (/boot, /usr,
> /home...).
Ah, yes; a smallish drive like that does make multiple partitions more
of an issue.

> I assume you can find out which word I say
> is in reply to which word you say.
> Thanks anyway!
> PS: My memory is poor, now I think fdisk/mbr just
> clear mbr, the result is neither dos/windows nor linux
> can boot.


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