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testsaslauth works but sendmail will not authenticate -- please help.

I have a Debian system where I have the sasl2 library set up -- there
were some problems doing that which I will get to in another message,
but the main problem is that I have used 
testsaslauthd with a userid and password using my imap server for
authentication.  The imap server uses a mysql database and that part
works.  Now, what baffles me is that sendmail will still not
authenticate -- even though I have pwcheckmethod: authdaemond it still
tries to use pam somewhere and it fails.

I am using sendmail-8.13.6and 2.19 of the courier modules.  I did
compile the sasl libraries with authdaemond support, but it seems not
to be using it at all.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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